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A Croquembouche is a traditional French dessert consisting of profiterole choux pastry, filled with your choice of custard, smothered in shiny sugar toffee and assembled in a cone shape and bound together by toffee.

Decorated with chocolate dipped fresh strawberries, coloured ribbon and a milk chocolate personalised plaque.
Serving suggestion
We suggest 2 to 3 profiteroles per person when served as dessert.  Serve with a raspberry coulis.
$3.75 per profiterole,
Price includes ribbon, strawberries and plaque.
Minimum order of 75 profiteroles


All our croquembouche are customisable to suit your preferences, please use the “Request Change” text box above to outline the changes you would like to make.  Changes can be made to anything from colours to design.

*Please note 4 Days notice is required and subject to availability of Pastry Cook.